How to Avoid Sugar Cravings

brain craving

I’m on week three of a major lifestyle change to eliminate sugar from my diet.  I’ve been blogging along the way and have been transparent with my results.  It’s unreal how much of an impact sugar has on the human body.  Today I’m here to teach you all about how to avoid sugar cravings. These … Read more

What are the 4 Types of Sugar?

4 types of sugar

It’s been over two weeks now since I cut sugar out of my life, and not only have I lost weight, but I feel better than ever.  At first, I was a bit irritable, but that went away after several days once my body was adjusted to not getting it’s sugar fix.  Today, in celebration … Read more

No Sugar for One Week Results

no sugar one week

Sugar is the absolute devil!  If you have followed our blog for a while, you have seen the rants we’ve gone on about sugar.  Until recently, I didn’t know how bad it really was and what affects cutting out sugar can have on your mental state as well as overall health.  It’s been one full … Read more