Added Sugar – What You Must Know


Unless you really get an understanding of sugar, you may not know which foods actually contain sugar.  A simple carbohydrate that offers your body calories for use as energy, there are two types of sugar you must be aware of, and today I’ll break down both of you and talk about why added sugars can … Read more

2023 Weight Loss Journey

weight loss

So today, with a two week break prior to the Super Bowl and the “Sunday Funday’s of the past 20 weeks in my rearview mirror, I embark on my weight loss journey.  2022 was a very unhealthy year for me – I’ll just leave that right there!  I started 2023 with a vision to get … Read more

Supergut Review – Keto Friendly Weight Loss Products

Supergut, formerly known as Muniq, is a brand of nutritional products or “meal replacements” promising to deliver measurable health results. I discovered Supergut products when looking for supplements to promote gut health as I was going through a detox and weight loss process. At first, I had some doubts. I spent a few hours wondering … Read more

No Sugar for Two Weeks Weight Loss

cut out sugar two weeks

If you want to lose weight as well as achieve a number of other health benefits, you need to cut sugar out of your diet immediately! Today I’m going to talk about my upcoming two week spell of cutting out sugar and discuss the weight loss benefits of cutting out sugar for exactly two weeks. … Read more