I started Diet Pill Reviews as a source to document my intake of health supplements as I reached age 30 and was looking to get my college body back. After failing to reach my goals year after year, I realized there was a lot more to swallowing a few diet pills every meal to get back in shape!

Now, in my mid forties, and having done every fad diet, joined every gym in town, and tried every fitness revolution ever marketed, I share the high's, low's, and everything in between in an effort to help motivate others. And best of all, I brought in some very established health and nutrition experts to share their knowledge and weigh in on all the world's health gossip! Read more on our about us page.

How to Lose Weight on a Subway Diet

how to lose weight eating subway

There are many diets that can assist you in losing weight, but let’s be honest, a lot of them aren’t enjoyable and therefore will eventually become unsustainable.  In our fast-moving society, many people can’t do diets that require pre-made meals that are delivered to your house, especially when you take into account work, travel, and … Read more

What is the McDonalds Diet?

McDonalds Diet

I saw a headline in Yahoo! the other day that talked about the McDonald’s Diet.  I thought the only thing diet at McDonald’s was soda, so naturally I had to dive in.  Today I’ll do a full examination of just what is the McDonald’s diet and try to comprehend why anyone would think that this … Read more

What is the Eat Well Challenge?

The “eat well, be well” challenge is something that comes around every March, and today I took some time to understand just exactly what is the eat well challenge?  I’m doing my best to make healthy food choices all year in 2023, but even more so in March because I just got back from a … Read more

How to Stick to a Diet without Cheating

Strict to Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for living a long and prosperous life. With the right foods and proper nutrition, people can meet their dietary needs and ensure that their bodies remain healthy. Eating a balanced single diet and having a little wiggle room. is not only important for physical health but also for overall … Read more