I started Diet Pill Reviews as a source to document my intake of health supplements as I reached age 30 and was looking to get my college body back. After failing to reach my goals year after year, I realized there was a lot more to swallowing a few diet pills every meal to get back in shape!

Now, in my mid forties, and having done every fad diet, joined every gym in town, and tried every fitness revolution ever marketed, I share the high's, low's, and everything in between in an effort to help motivate others. And best of all, I brought in some very established health and nutrition experts to share their knowledge and weigh in on all the world's health gossip! Read more on our about us page.

Health Problems Caused By Sugar

Sugar Health Problems

Sugar is a sweet, delightful substance that can be found in many forms, from granulated white sugar to brown sugar, and even raw sugar. Sugar has been around since ancient times, but it still remains one of the most popular sweeteners used today. Its versatility makes it a favorite in many different kinds of food … Read more

Added Sugar – What You Must Know


Unless you really get an understanding of sugar, you may not know which foods actually contain sugar.  A simple carbohydrate that offers your body calories for use as energy, there are two types of sugar you must be aware of, and today I’ll break down both of you and talk about why added sugars can … Read more

2023 Weight Loss Journey

weight loss

So today, with a two week break prior to the Super Bowl and the “Sunday Funday’s of the past 20 weeks in my rearview mirror, I embark on my weight loss journey.  2022 was a very unhealthy year for me – I’ll just leave that right there!  I started 2023 with a vision to get … Read more